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d as deputy secretary of the CPC Fujian provincial committee."We are a socialist country. Having taken the first steps to prosper, the coastal regions in the east should not leave other areas alone▓. We need to achieve common prosperity," Xi said.▓Within the framework of counterpart assistan▓ce, wells were dug and cellars built to store water for drinking and irrigation in Ningxia.▓Xi encouraged researchers in Fujian and Ningxia to▓ develop technology to improve potato yields. Residents in Xiji County, southern Ningxia, ▓saw their incomes increase after planting potatoes and sel▓ling them to Fujian businesses.The Fujian government also supported Ningxia to relocate people from impoverished areas. As a pilot p▓roject, several thousand families moved f▓rom Xihaigu to a better area near t▓he regional capital, Yinchuan."The measure proved effective and we created a sustai▓nable path," Xi said.MAKE TARGETED EFFORTSWhatever Xi's posi

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